Push-Out Window Hardware

When we are talking about Push-Out windows what we really mean is pull-in, because that is how you actually open the window. From the handle you pull the window sash in to open the window. There are some actual Push-out windows where you open the casement windows out instead of in. When you are using a true “Push-out” window you will have a locking arm attached through the frame of the screen that is on the inside of the window frame. You can push the window open and lock it in place with the locking arm. If you have a push-out window that opens inwards, the screen will be on the outside so you won’t be letting any bugs or flies in.

Over time you will need to replace some of the push-out window hardware. This could be the locking arm and rail, or it could be the handle and lock mechanism. You may also need to replace the hinges on a window mounted vertically. Most hardware or home stores will carry the push-out window hardware that you need and usually it is a simple matter of unscrewing the existing hardware and replacing it with the new hardware.

When the need arises to replace the handles you will have the opportunity of getting standard (modern) handles or some that are retro (look very old fashion). Many people love putting retro handles in place of the more modern ones that come with new windows, and many times they will change the handles out just to have that old fashion look. Just keep the original handles in case the new ones get broken and you need to use the original handles until you can replace the retro ones.

The push-out window hardware can include a locking arm that is attached to the hinged sash and it may need to be replaced. It is pretty easy to replace the arm especially if you can use the rail with the replacement arm. Just disconnect the arm from the sash window and you can pull it right through the slot in the screen to the locking rail where you simply unscrew the clamp where the arm is connected to the locking rail. You will get a new rail with the arm kit so you can decide if you want to keep the rail you have in place already or if you want to remove it and place the new one in the kit in the same location.

You will occasionally need to replace the hinges. You will want to make sure you get high friction hinges that are made for casement windows whether they are the push-out or the hand crank type. You can get individual push-out window hardware parts or you can buy a kit that will come with a locking arm and rail, a modern handle and a lock mechanism handle. The cost of the kit is not much more than you would pay for the individual parts and you can always keep the extra parts on hand against the need for them at some later date.

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